How to Celebrate your Anniversary at Royal Davui

We speak honestly when we say that Fiji is THE most romantic place in the world to celebrate your anniversary. Care to argue it? Well, we can prove it! We’ve put together the top ultimate ways to celebrate your anniversary on our barefoot luxury island.

1. Find your own deserted stretch of beach on our island

It’s hard to not find a place on the island where you can both be alone together. The perfect antidote to a busy life, and the ultimate romantic getaway for an anniversary. Royal Davui resort is away from the crowds of mainland Fiji, and offers stretches of private beach to get lost on. Why not book one of our romantic packages to make the most of it? Sand cay picnic anyone?

2. Wile away the evenings in our romantic private villas

Staying in a lovely hotel room can be wonderful, but often can feel same-same. That’s where Royal Davui is different. Our intimate and romantic villas are built with only couples in mind. Each villa is elaborate and luxurious, built with authentic Fijian materials, architecture and style. Spend time looking at the ocean sipping a crisp glass of champagne, relax on your deck or take a dip in your private plunge pool (clothing optional!).

3. Grab each other’s hand and dive into adventure

Sometimes, a little adventure doesn’t go astray. Take a scuba diving course and explore the wonders beneath the glittering surface of our surrounding ocean. There’s a world of caves, corals and marine life, all within minutes of the island.

4. Take home a gift to commemorate your romantic anniversary in Fiji

In Fiji, it’s traditional to wear a ‘sulu’. It’s a light sarong worn by both men and women. Why not take home a matching pair to remember your stay?

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