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Royal Davui Island enjoys a spectacularly pristine environment. Our remote yet easily accessed location has long been a drawcard for the resort, and right now is certainly an advantage. Spread across 10 lush acres, our sixteen bungalows are freestanding with ample space, garden and privacy between giving you all the space you need (and more!)


The Fijian culture is very much tactile with hugs and handshakes a huge part of the warm country that it is. Our loud and hearty Bula, which has always been our welcome and will always endure, however for now a broad smile will replace hugs and handshakes, and of course, with just as much warmth.


While we wait for the borders to reopen, we are busying ourselves getting ready for everyone’s return! This involves further enhancing our already robust cleaning procedures and measures to ensure a clean, healthy and sanitised bungalow for our guests and the safety of our team.

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  • Secure your Bungalow or Villa today with a F$1000 deposit with the balance not due until 45 days prior to arrival.
  • Breathe easy knowing your deposit is fully refundable up to 45 days prior to your travel.
  • The only thing you’ll have to worry about is which swimsuit to pack!


  • In order to help safeguard the wellbeing of all our guests and team members, we ask guests to self-identify if they belong to a risk group for COVID-19. If yes, we ask that they postpone their travels until the risk period has passed.
  • Guests will receive communication Royal Davui prior to arrival with information on arrival process, check-in, hotel services & amenities, and more
  • Guests who have booked via a travel agent are requested to contact the hotel directly to ensure we have correct email details for these communications.

Guest Transfers

  • Guests’ temperatures will be checked before arrival to the resort as a precautionary measure. Temperatures surpassing 37.5C/99.5F will be considered too high. Additional temperature checks may be done for the duration of stay.
  • Royal Davui only uses private transfers for all guests travelling by road. Drivers will be wearing a mask and gloves and will be provided with sanitizer for use by each guest. Vehicles will also be re-sanitized after every trip.
  • Guests transferring via plane or helicopter will be required to wear a mask and gloves due to the proximity of these aircraft. All aircraft will be sanitised between flights.
  • Boat capacity will be regulated to limit passengers in accordance with social distancing procedures.

Check In

  • Check in at Royal Davui has always been a personalised procedure and this will continue whilst maintaining acceptable social distancing recommendations.

Physical Distancing

  • Royal Davui Island, Fiji has always been about privacy, which means guests have always enjoyed space. Our restaurant is open to the fresh ocean breezes.
  • Safe distance table setups in our restaurant & bar.
  • A hearty Bula will always be our welcome, however for now a smile will replace handshakes

Banyan Bar

  • Bottles and bar equipment will be sanitized daily
  • Bar stools be grouped in twos and will be placed at a safe distance apart.
  • Bar stools and countertops will be sanitized regularly.
  • All bar glassware to be washed in dishwashers only
  • Floors will be disinfected throughout the day
  • Servers will wash hands after picking up glasses, etc.

Banyan Restaurant

  • Sanitizer stations will be available for guest use.
  • Menus will be cleaned and sanitized after each guest/table use
  • Tables and chairs and service stations will be sanitized after every use

In Room Dining

  • In order to limit the number of people entering bungalows, in room dining will be suspended until further notice


  • All food preparation and storage surfaces are sanitized regularly throughout the day
  • All serving line plates, cups, cutlery, napkins and trays will be removed when not in use
  • Dish wash machines to wash at 65-70C (150-160F) and RINSE at 85C (180F).

Housekeeping & Laundry

  • Royal Davui has always had robust housekeeping measures to ensure a clean, healthy and sanitised bungalow for our guests and of course these measures will continue.
  • All mattresses and pillows will have protectors that will be disinfected between each guest.
  • After every room is thoroughly cleaned, the door will be locked and handle sanitised.
  • The use of hospital-grade (commercial grade) disinfectants will continue.
  • Each villa is equipped with an individual air conditioning unit (no shares AC) that will be sanitised between each guest.
  • Housekeeping team will be equipped with disposable gloves and reusable masks.
  • All housekeeping equipment will be maintained with Standard Operating Procedures to clean and sanitize (mops, mop buckets, dust bins, carts) with the recommended cleaning chemical and sanitizing agent.

Resort Activities & Dive Shop

  • Weight belts, regulators, dive masks and snorkels are placed in sanitization solution and liquid detergent
  • All tanks, and boats will be sanitized before and between trips
  • Wetsuits, fins and jackets are taken back to the dive shop by guests and placed in sanitization solution
  • Tanks will be set up 6 feet apart on dive boats
  • A limit of 4 divers per boat exists and will continue.

Main Pool & Private Plunge Pools

  • Daily water quality tests are conducted on the main pool.
  • Pool chairs sanitized every morning before use, and again after guest changeovers.
  • Pool filters, backwash sand filters and strainers are fitted with a Chlorine dispenser to maintain sanitation automatically.
  • Pool decks will be sanitized daily
  • Pool chlorine readings will be taken twice daily.

Fitness Centre

  • Hand sanitation stations will be available at the entrance to the fitness centre
  • Air conditioner units and filters cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • Sanitizer will be available for guests to use to wipe down equipment.

Davui Spa

  • Guests’ temperatures will be checked prior to treatment
  • All team members and therapists will wear masks during the treatment and will sanitize their hands prior to and during treatments.
  • Treatment rooms massage tables, headrests and other wellness apparatuses will be thoroughly sanitized after use between clients
  • Hand sanitation stations will be available at the entrance to the spa
  • Air conditioner units and filters will be cleaned and sanitized daily.

The above is an overview of the new health & safety measures being implemented at Royal Davui Island explaining how we are working to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our guests and team members.

All procedures will be reviewed and re-evaluated regularly to ensure relevance and maximum efficacy, and are subject to change.