Fijian Flora and Fauna at Royal Davui Island Resort

One benefit of visiting such untouched areas of the South Pacific is the beautiful flora and fauna that covers many of Fiji’s 300+ islands. From the tallest of trees, to the smallest of creatures, and everything in between, our home in the South Pacific is teaming with stunning creatures for you to get up close and personal with during your vacation at Royal Davui Fiji.




Fiji is naturally stunning. Meander through umbrella pines and fantail pines, or lay under a Coconut Palm to enjoy the true essence of Fiji. Coconuts are our most versatile resource. We use the milk to cook exquisite meals, the oils can be found in everything from food to creams and lotions in the Royal Davui Spa, and even the husks are used to make twine and rope!


Our barefoot luxury island is gently perfumed by the abundance of Fijian flowers thriving on the island. Frangipanis, hibiscuses, passion plants and gardenia’s make up our tropical oasis. We love them so much, the fresh blooms are used to create gorgeous wedding bouquets for each Royal Davui wedding. In Fijian culture, men and women tuck Hibiscuses and Frangipanis behind their ear as a sign of their relationship status. A flower behind the left indicates you’re married or in a serious relationship, while the right means that you’re single and ready to mingle!




While relaxing on your private terrace, look up to the sky. You may just see a majestic Goshawk or Petrel looking for lunch. Or a colourful Collared Lory may perch by your side to watch the world go by. As you wander throughout Royal Davui, look out for Sacred Kingfishers or Parrotfinchs as they duck and dive through the foliage. Fiji is a birdwatchers dream!



If you’re lucky, you might just experience the excitement of some land based Fijian animals. We’re talking vibrant Iguanas (don’t worry, they’re not dangerous!), cute geckos and even Monkey Faced flying Foxes.


Fijian Marine Life In And Around Royal Davui


Preserving our precious environment and the plants and animals we co-habit with is one of our prime concerns at Royal Davui. Our aim is to provide a luxurious experience in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Find out about our commitment to the environment here.

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